The curtains are up. It’s done, done, done! They’re up.

So I had been wanting to toy with my mother’s unused sewing machine, still in mint condition, and to take up sewing as a new hobby for quite some time now. I always thought my first project would be some breezy colorful summer dress or a funky jacket, but, as it turned out, my first sewing project was to be (drum roll!) curtains, Roman blinds to be specific.


my new living room window curtain: I fit three panes - a wider one in the center and two narrower side ones - with handmade Roman blinds

I had the machine out, saw this beautiful fabric all imprinted with unintelligible but very beautiful Arabic calligraphy, decided I was bored with my drab living room window curtains and wanted to have snazzy Roman blinds instead – or not necessarily in that order. Anyway, so I set out to find online tutorials and DIY instructions, I ended up mixing and matching from a number of sources (here’s my main reference in case you’re interested).


I love these whimsical pompoms: they add playfulness and a splash of color

Of all the bits and pieces I needed to buy to make it all work (dowels, rods, battens, cord, screw eyes, etc.) those metal blind rings proved to be the most elusive item on my shopping list. But in all, the process of making the blinds went rather smoothly, and, new to sewing, I find the almost instant-gratification aspect of the activity, quite, well, gratifying (it’s much faster than knitting or crocheting, two hobbies I had taken up at some point and abandoned due to my lack of patience – and not one finished project to show for it).

folded roman blind

a detail of the folded up center section, more control of exposure and light with these blinds

As I was saying, I was a bit held back looking for those rings, but finally, as of yesterday, the new curtains are up! I still have to finish them up with “blind acorns” and a “cleat” as expertly advised by the consulted design sites (the first being a knob attached to the blind pull cord, the second some t-shaped installation, I could also use some sort of knob or small handle really, around which to tie the pulled cord) but I am taking my time with those especially that I haven’t yet found anything to quite match the fabric or strike my fancy. Most importantly, the curtains are up! And I just love how the lighter parts of the pattern are translucent enough to let the light through the letters. Oh, and in true frugal green spirit, I quilted the scrap fabric into pillow covers as well. Now the whole living room’s got an airier, and yet warmer, feel to it.


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