A Fresh Start (? well, yes, here we go again)

So, yet another blog, may it be the last (and lasting) one. I am currently basking in the anonymity of a private blog, but I do know that despite the privacy setting and the freedom that total lack of readership affords me, and despite my best efforts, I am still, subconsciously and not, writing for some “audience” out there.

I am not sure if and when I will ever make this blog public, but in all cases, and most importantly, it is giving me impetus to revive and work on all my started projects.

It is also the most physical and  engaging way I could think of to virtually collect all those loose ends and strings of  sparked interests, unfinished pursuits, followed activities, that I seem rather aimlessly entangled in lately, and to have something to show for them too; all in the hope of tying it all together into some consistent pattern, or of finding the string that would guide me to the holy grail.

So, here’s to fresh starts, enduring efforts, and finished pursuits!


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