Giza Threads and Threads to a New Business

About a month ago, I had offered to help out a friend,  who was suffering from overwhelming distractions causing her what could be called a writer’s block, in formulating the artist statement for her upcoming photo exhibit.

We had been having some conversations about her work in general, the flow of her creative process to put it in more artistically sophisticated jargon, and about that upcoming exhibit and its subject matter specifically; so, when she sent over the texts for me to rework, reformulate, refine, or, in short, and again, to use a professional term, to edit, I had sufficient information to understand the background of the work and what she was trying to convey through the text. Editing that statement came pretty easy to me, and it was also rewarding to know I am helping a friend doing something that I actually found quite enjoyable.

My friend was very flatteringly impressed with the results; you could make money out of this, she told me: I’d be doing the art world in this part of the world “a favor” by rendering my dearly needed and unfortunately scarce writing talent and editing skill available to the art community (for a pay, no less)! And so she took it upon herself to forward my contact information to her fellow artists and photographer friends, and asked me to ready myself with a price list of my services to professionally present to those who would seek them.

And so it was, I got my first writing assignment a couple of days ago. It is not beyond me to admit my relief at having found an extra income source in my current state of unemployment, but, equally importantly, this unforeseen foray into a new direction of freelancing business is so refreshingly exciting.

Last, I give you Rana ElNemr’s Giza Threads. Come to the Townhouse Gallery to check out her exhibit February 26 through March 21.


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