My lomohome is up!

So, since I’d gotten my Holga back in 2008, I think, I have given my lomographic endeavors a home in a Blogger blog: I spent lots of time customizing the theme, tweaking it, adding plugins and researching hacks – and I quite enjoyed that aspect of it actually.

I had preferred to give the photos and entries about my experimentation with the camera and film a “handmade” home over the ready-made lomohomes; for that distinction to start with, this ability to customize the look and feel of the blog and personalize it, because I needed a broader platform for my entries and posts beyond that provided by an image hosting service, and because I’d felt I would have more ownership control over the contents (I hadn’t read either privacy policy thoroughly but a quick scan of both had given me that impression, for all I care, I might be wrong).

new place for my lomo photos

However, recently, the web-hosting site where I store my JavaScript files for those customized functions, and which shall remain unnamed, was shut down, additionally, my PC which stores those uploaded files and the folder structure is currently in need of repair, so I can’t access them and move to another service provider right away. Which left my beloved blog in complete disarray, totally unwelcoming. This combined with a frighteningly dwindling supply in my film stock (due to equally frighteningly dwindling budget) had led to a sad hiatus of all things lomo. Until I remembered the abandoned lomohome. I moved in and I am just loving it.

I spent a good part of January uploading my photos to the site, tagging them with essential details such as camera and film used, location, description, and, well, tags – I now have some 130 photos in 13 albums with 44.2% tag completeness up in my home. I also tinkered some with the somewhat addictive LomoWalls feature, but my IT-wall so to speak still eludes me.

Like I said, I am loving this new home for my analogue hobby:

As to my initial need for a broader journal and writing space, well, I have meanwhile covered ample platforms to meet my various blogging demands and satisfy my publishing needs; so that the site for my photos need only be just that: a place for my photos.

The reason which had me walk out originally is actually the same reason I am loving it now – namely, the lack of customization beyond the standard functionality options, which brings all the focus, any visitors’ too but definitely mine, back to the photos rather than this or the other added functionality or personalization.

The upload and tagging process is a breeze, I never had any trouble adding photos, and all the basic functions to allow me to easily archive, organize, and display my photos are there.

The lomohome also has room (no pun intended) for blog entries, I am thinking of migrating the less personal more technical posts (e.g. discussing Holga hacks, film, techniques, etc.) thereto as well.

Last, but very importantly, the lomohome comes with a community of equally enthusiastic lomographers, which opens bigger opportunities for interaction and discussion and feedback with and from other Holga and lomo lovers all over the world – something I had, with the exception of the dedicated support and follow-ship of a friend who more or less made up the whole of my blog readership (thank you!), completely missed out on.

So again and in short: I’m loving the new lomohome for my Holga photos. I am eager to be shooting again: I have a couple of films that need processing but am on the look-out for an alternative lab for processing, printing, and scanning, due to a somewhat deteriorating quality of these by the lab I currently use. And also hope to be stocking up on more film varieties soon enough. If you haven’t done so already, check out my lomohome. I am very happy about this new-found (never lost really) lomo excitement!

Spreading the lomo love! If you are a film enthusiast, you can also set up store there to showcase any analogue photos you make.



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