Something finished, new things to start, old things to axe

Today I finished the first part toward my commitment to a “client” for a paid assignment, my first. And tomorrow I have a first meeting scheduled to discuss progress and cover some issues so I can carry on with my work, and, I hope, develop some timeline for the completion of the assignment.

And it feels like such a big feat because it had taken me a quite a while and some considerable difficulty to finally find and get into a working groove; I had been jobless for almost a year now, and being a completely unattached freelancer, again, something totally new to me, proved to present much more of a challenge to my time management skills and self-discipline, certain degrees of which I know I do possess, if I may say so myself, and had made use of in my previous positions – usually in flexible jobs that allow for independent result-based performance.

And when I say “find my working groove” I know I am being generous to myself, because I don’t feel  I managed to work out a routine, a system, for myself quite yet. I know at times I had to exercise tremendous amounts of self-discipline to strictly organize my time and divide it among the “work-time”  and the “personal-time”, and at other times, equally tremendous amounts of submissiveness to accept seamless flow of the work and the personal into each other. And now, with a milestone crossed, I have gained more confidence in my ability to do both. I do hope within the coming days I will truly have found my working groove.

I am writing this post feeling a refreshing surge of motivation and drive that I am sad to admit had eluded me the past time, my mind is racing trying to sort all the things I need to get started, the loose ends I need to cut. As the good ol’ journal keeper and poor sleeper that I am, I know, before I turn in, I will have to make a to-do list and day-plan for tomorrow, lest it all keeps me tossing around all night. But it sure feels good to be excited about tomorrow!


2 responses to “Something finished, new things to start, old things to axe

    • Thanks for your support Randa! Hope you’ll be checking in regularly to follow up on it all. Thanks!

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