Soopar Lox

Tonight I got to check out Soopar Lox at the Cairo Jazz Club – I’d be in unfamiliar territory attempting a music review any given day, and definitely at this hour too, so I will just say in clichéd generic terms that I hope won’t take away from my genuine fascination with the band and their music that their house music fusion with oriental and funk sounds definitely worked for me, the strong Arabic vocals by Bassem Wadieea (of “Foulan ElFoulany” fame) and impassioned performance by their female lead singer (Amina Khalil) are captivating and enthralling.

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The band members treated the CJC patrons tonight to a solid performance and beautiful stage presence, which kept the crowd moving to their grooves on the dance floor well into the early hours of day; by the end of their gig, they were still generous with their time and music.

Check out their Soopar Lox page on SoundCloud, here’s a sampling of their live performance:


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