The Thermos Flask Was A Great Idea, Indeed

I have made extensive use of my old thermos flask (and the anise tea bags) in those past couple of days.

Upon reading this post by Kailash, I was instantly reminded of my grandmother and our weekly family gatherings at her place every Sunday: among the many cherished childhood memories, the sight of Tetto’s tea cart is unforgettable and heartwarming, its two trays filled to the brim with all thinkable tea and coffee-making ingredients, utensils, and paraphernalia – so that one need only get off one’s seat and take a couple of steps to the living room corner to prepare the warm drink of one’s fancy. And a staple on this cart was always a couple of large thermos flasks, always kept filled with hot water by my grandmother’s household help.

That was possibly before the wide-spread advent of electric water kettles, when boiling water had to be done in the kitchen, on the stove. In all cases, despite having grown up with this usage of the flasks, and even after reading Kailash’s post, I had never adopted it myself; I don’t think I consume as much tea and herb infusions as to warrant this habit I guess.

However, lately I came down with an upper respiratory tract and ear infection, recovering, I still haven’t been able to kick the nasty throat inflammation, which leaves me with a ferociously sore throat. In addition to the prescribed medication, my ENT doctor advised me to drink a lot of hot drinks. At first, I’d followed his advice avoiding cold drinks, but then when the pain got so bad I had trouble swallowing, I decided to replace most of my daily water intake with hot herb infusions. I had diligently made the trip to my kettle a couple of times before I remembered Kailash’s post (and my grandmother’s habit), I dug out my old Thermos and I think it will be a long while before I want to put it away again.


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