A post a day?

So seeing that so far the number of my monthly posts has been steadily increasing, and that, for this month, I have managed to blog on an almost daily basis, I have been contemplating getting myself one of those WordPress post-a-day or post-a-week challenge badges to “show my pride”. However, and out of sheer superstition, I am afraid once I proudly add that badge to my sidebar I’d run a dry spell – yes, I can be Egyptian like that.

And quite practically, I would say I am generally pretty shy about my blogging: it intimidates me to be pouring my heart out, as I often do in those posts, into cyberspace, in my mind, potentially to some indifferent reader who couldn’t care less or to a creepy one who would care too much – yes, I can be paranoid like that.

Therefore, the thought of tagging my posts using a universally applied tag as part of a very public blogging project just isn’t all that attractive to me. Yet, lately I realize I am in fact taking greater pride in my blogging, I feel more comfortable with and confident about my writing and the entries I post, and, as I have often found myself telling friends with whom I cared to share it, it is keeping me grounded. And something is shifting in my timidness about my blog: the other week, one of my posts was pinged and “one blogger” liked another, and I found myself really liking that, happy about the expanded readership, wanting more exposure, interaction, and feedback.

I’ve recently been having more on my plate than when I had originally started this blog, things are starting to shape up; and paradoxically, it seems that the busier I get, the more likely I am to make time to post an entry. I am excited about writing those posts, and I know I will be pushier in sharing them with friends and family, more eager for feedback. And that badge? I don’t know if or when I will add it to my sidebar, I know I will be working on keeping up a one-post-per-day (or a at least per week) blogging habit, and I am applying the postaday-tag to this entry.


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