So I am late to discover Maurice Louca and his début album “Garraya”, which came highly recommended by a friend of mine who was also kind enough to make me a gift of an extra copy he had of the CD. According to this review, Garraya “takes  its name from an improvised electronic ‘light looper’ used for live performances by Louca and visual collaborator Tarek Hefny”. Personally, before checking out the linked-to review – an analysis of the music more sophisticated and complex than I could ever pull off – I had interpreted the meaning of the name more or less literally: I thought the album name simply referred to treadmill (English translation of the Arabic name).

My explanation for the album name is not only literal, but stems from my perception of the overall pace, intensity, and mood of the music; given that the music label under which the album is produced describes the album’s music as bordering “between the vastness of landscapes, and the repetitive intensity of a confined space”, I would say I am not that far off with my interpretation.

Last, I give you Maurice Louca’s Garraya. Check out Late, track 4, currently my favorite track on the album:


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