Gazania Opening

I know we say “make a video” or “I made a video”, but I hesitated some before posting this entry under “made” and that is because I had originally assigned this category to posts about materially tangible stuff I really manually in the most physical way made. But then I thought, if 72 trips (one every five minutes for six hours) to and from my balcony don’t constitute “physical” then what does? So, in short, here is a timelapse video I made – my first! 

It’s of my gazania opening over six hours in the morning (which I guess makes it the next houseplant to discuss on the gardening blog); I love this flower, its opening is like a little burst of sun in my window-box. The set-up is very crude: suffice to say that the tripod was the most sophisticated item of photographic equipment; I used a point-and-shoot camera, a somewhat outdated one at that, there is no setting on it to automate the 5-minute-interval shots I wanted of the flower, so, enter the kitchen minute timer, which I used to time 5 minutes every time I took a shot. And that’s about it really. I know I wanted to dabble into color correction but I really have too much on my hands at the time to even just scratch that surface, and I don’t feel the colors came out all that bad. In all, I am pretty satisfied with the result. How do you think it fares (did I mention it was my first?)?


your 2¢ please

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