Hello, and Thanks for All the Clicks

The other day, this blog got a wonderful nod from a wonderful friend, a dear person and very talented photographer and filmmaker with a keen eye for beauty – in the unlikely  case you haven’t been directed here from his website already, take the time to check it out, not necessarily to sample his amazing film and photo work  but definitely to check out his entry about me and my blog – it felt like someone threw me a surprise housewarming party.

Since I started this blog, my attitude towards its visibility and my personal online exposure has, rather quickly, progressed from “This is a personal journal project that I am keeping private” to full-on stats neurosis (just the other week, I allowed search engines to “index this site” – oh yea). I know it mildly has something to do with the spark lines in the WordPress admin bar, which feel somewhat like those mirrors on the gym walls (why?). But I also think I am getting more comfortable and confident about my writing and what I write about, and this blog is slowly becoming an important part of a journey I am on (or in less Coelho-ish, more melodramatic terms: my life, I’m not sure which way of putting it I like less, but you know what I mean)  – lately I have been a bit too absorbed in some desktop work, which is giving me less time to be actually doing stuff or blogging about it. I am definitely excited about both, and I am more eager to share my entries, less shy about bugging close friends and family members to read them, I am grateful for and happy about all the encouragement, feedback, and comments I am getting, and shamelessly flattered some thought them wonderful enough to share.


2 responses to “Hello, and Thanks for All the Clicks

  1. This is an incredible post! I enjoyed it so much, and you put the writing life into perspective. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts and worries! You are a great writer!

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