I am a lomo-tipster

Just a while ago, I was clicking through the lomography.com website to get the URL address to my lomohome so I can insert a link to it in my last entry with a Weekly Photo Challenge submission. As I landed on the homepage, I knew I’d be following up that post with another one just to draw your attention to the latest Diana F+ edition: Sahara صحارى that is now gracing it. Despite the fact that, to me, the pyramids and their area are as evocative of the word “Sahara” as Central Park is of the word forest, I found myself smiling at this lomographic tribute to my country and its orientalist appeal. 

While there, I also learned, quite by chance, that a submission of a Holga modification article I had made a little over a month ago is now featured in the Magazine Tipster section – yes, this lomographer and Holga fan is officially a tipster. If you are interested in analogue photography (or showing some love to someone who is), drop by to add your comments and likes.

related article:
The Holga Mod: Modifying the Aperture Settings 

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