But I knew that: Plants Can Actually Talk To Each Other

Upon reading the title of this article, I immediately knew I got another pretext to post yet another lomo photo by my Holga. The article is basically about how an Australian scientist conducted some experiments from which she concluded that “some form of sensitivity to sound and vibrations also plays an important role in the life of plants” – in other words: plants can talk and listen to each other. The current research results are based on testing of young corn plants, but the scientist hopes to extend the research to other plant species to establish how plants made and reacted to sounds.

So, that much for the article, and on to the photo I want to post, it’s of two plants in my balcony taken around sunset sometime towards the end of last summer.

two plants courting in my balcony - summer 2011

And that caption is the one I have always used for this photo: Two Plants Courting in My Balcony. And it’s not because it looks like that, it is because it feels like that – if you ever take the time after watering, in the serenity of sunset or the calm of daybreak, just to watch your plants for a while, you will sense beyond any doubt, you will just know, that they are somehow communicating with each other. And now we might be able to eavesdrop on that. And it is very beautiful.


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