One Year Ago On April 8

One year ago today a number of army officers joined the demonstrating protestors and revolutionaries at Tahrir Square, they joined the masses unarmed in their military fatigues, they proclaimed their dissent against the corruption of the military institution led by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), they aligned themselves with the goals of the revolution and gave allegiance to its vision of an Egypt free from corruption and injustices, they assured the masses of a wider spread movement among honorable officers who seek nothing but the purge of their institution from its corrupt command and elements, and insurance of a peaceful transition of Egypt into a truly democratic civilian-ruled state, they sought the acceptance and support of the revolutionaries whom they joined to help them in their act of dissidence. In their first communiqué crudely recorded on a phone camera in a tent in the square  they demanded: 1. disbandment  and bringing to account of SCAF, 2. discharge of Field Marshall Hussein Tantawy, 3. formation of a civilian presidential council, 4. expedience of the trials of those accused of killing and injuring the demonstrators and release of all arrested in the March 9 events, 5. expedience of trials of all corrupt state officials and the former president Hosni Mubarak.

That night, towards the dawn of the following day, military forces swiftly stormed the square and brutally attacked the sit-in, arresting the officers and many protestors, some were killed. Today, a year from that night, we are still no closer to having these demands met or reaching our goals than when we were then. Tomorrow, Mohamed Wadee’a, one of the April 8 Officers, stands trial in front of court-martial. This is in remembrance of the April 8 Officers.

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