Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

This submission to this week’s photo challenge is a no-brainer really; I should be spending more words apologizing for posting such a cliché photo than explaining why it means journey to me.  But it is difficult to pass over yet another opportunity to present some of my cherished Holga photos. 

journey: on the road to St. Katherine – February 2010

The photo was taken on the road to St. Katherine before it starts winding through the mountain in Wadi Feran. To make up for a rather trite and not creative interpretation of this week’s theme, I am including more photos from that trip. The color saturation is less than optimum (the film was evidently too slow for the sunset light and overcast skies; I still haven’t taken to post-process photo editing but I am tempted to start), but nonetheless, they never fail to stir in me dreams of trips and visions of Sinai that are always very vivid.

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