Getting back on Track (and on the mat)

Yesterday, my yoga classes finally started again. I haven’t practiced in class for little less than a year now and it just felt good to be on the mat again, to just focus on my breathing and my body, which I let flow into poses following the instructor’s directions, and to just let go of everything else. Despite the benefits of an unattached and rather freewheeling “routine”, I have been so looking forward to adding this pleasurable commitment to a somewhat increasingly busy schedule.

the notice board at the entrance of the Indian Cultural Centre yoga hall on Talaat Harb Street

This past time, I have let myself be somewhat overwhelmed by happenings around me; while not always strictly personal in nature, I was consumed by a number of events, distractedly starting drafts I wouldn’t finish timely. Yesterday’s class was an important reminder of balance, and to me an important reminder of how consciously it needs to be sought and nurtured. This entry is to put me back on the blogging track, a return to my equally pleasurable writing commitment.


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