Rays through the darkness

So, I haven’t written in ages. On one hand, recently, every intended return to this blog felt so much out of place and tune with what had been a familiar “personal” space – I guess parts of me have outgrown parts of this blog. But that’s work in process. And, truth is, I have also been grappling with a number of deamons;ย but even through the darkest and most desperate of times, there sometimes shine these magical rays: moments of light, little triumphs, small reminders of all the personal spaces, pleasures, and freedoms that make our struggle worth even more fighting for and sustain us through it. ย 

Mine included trekking in the Sinai with friends and sleeping under an almond tree,

the almond tree

being part of a great team doing work I love, being present for my niece’s open day in her Kindergarten,


co-founding Operation Anti Sexual Harassment, celebrating my parents’ 36 anniversary,

Ma and Pa

seeing the Nile meet the Mediterranean for the first time in my life.

2013-02-27 17.53.44

And I am posting this to share these moments, also as an update and slow return to this blog, but, more importantly, to serve me as a reminder.


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